Top 5 Middle East Entrepreneurs

  • Solar Energy Nano Technology (Jordan)

    • Industry :Computing & Accessories
    • Revenue ($) :$328,000
    • Business Stage:High Growth
    • Offering:Joint Venture
    • Due Diligence:Yes
    • Unique Selling Point:Patented Technology
    • Business Type:Private Business
    • Entrepreneurs Seeking:Funding, Influential Network/Contacts

    We have devised a new patented nano-based technology out of our Research Lab to help microchips and other solar based electrical equipment process more data per second than any other...

  • Islamic Finance Monitor (Saudi Arabia)

    • Industry :Islamic Economics, Banking & Finance
    • Revenue ($) :$2m of Sales so far
    • Business Stage:High Growth
    • Offering:Buyout
    • Due Diligence:Yes
    • Unique Selling Point:Certified by Sharia Scholars
    • Business Type:Sharia Compliant
    • Entrepreneurs Seeking:Other

    A new Sharia compliant banking product has been developed by leading Scholars and Bankers from the Region in association with Cass Business School, London.

  • Water Efficiency Cylinder (UAE)

    • Industry :Energy
    • Revenue ($) :(R&D Stage)
    • Business Stage:R&D Innovation
    • Offering:Joint Venture
    • Due Diligence:No
    • Unique Selling Point:Use Desert Sand Particles
    • Business Type:Not4Profit
    • Entrepreneurs Seeking:Partnership

    A group of Scientists based in the UAE have developed the regions first Water Efficiency Cylinder which works off Solar Energy and Desert Sand Particles.

  • Worlds 1st Sandcraft (Qatar)

    • Industry :Automotive & Mechanics
    • Revenue ($) :$80,000 (8 units sold so far)
    • Business Stage:Early Growth
    • Offering:Major Equity
    • Due Diligence:Yes
    • Unique Selling Point:Global IP Rights Obtained
    • Business Type:Private Business
    • Entrepreneurs Seeking:Funding

    Students at the Qatar Science & Technology Park have developed the worlds first Sandcraft which works like a Water-based Hovercraft but on sand.  The applications for this are infinite, especially...

  • Halal Cosmetics & Beauty (Lebanon)

    • Industry :Beauty & Fashion
    • Revenue ($) :$678,000 (in first year)
    • Business Stage:Early Growth
    • Offering:Profit Sharing
    • Due Diligence:No
    • Unique Selling Point:Halal Ingredients
    • Business Type:Private Business
    • Entrepreneurs Seeking:Funding

    Looking for investors to invest in the regions first Halal Cosmetic and Beauty product reseller across the Arabian penninsula.  Market potential for these products is over $5m over the next...

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